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Pflag Canada Ontario Chapter Submission to the Ministry of Educa
Trans Day of Remembrance
Pflag Canda rebukes PC resolution

Pflag  Canada Applauds the House of Commons Release of the  Report on THE HEALTH OF LGBTQIA2 COMMUNITIES IN CANADA

OTTAWA, ON - June 20, 2019 —

Pflag Canada – a national charitable LGBTQ2S support, resource and advocacy organization - endorses the release of the Health of LGBTQ2S Communities in Canada report by the House of Commons Standing Committee on Health.

To read  our full statement and to view the full report click here.


Pflag Canada officially endorses It Gets Better Canada's Open Letter in support of Petition e-1833 to end conversion therapy nationwide. 

OTTAWA, ON - March 5, 2019 —

Pflag Canada joined It Gets Better Canada's charges, along with the Canadian Mental Health Association, and We Matter, in writing to the Prime Minister requesting a ban on conversion therapy nationwide.

To read our letter as well as It Gets Better Canada's letter to the Prime Minister, click here.


Hundreds of Parents & Allies of LGBTQ2 Kids Send a Clear Message About Ontario’s Health & Physical Education Curriculum

OTTAWA, ON - December 14, 2018Today,  Pflag Canada - a national charitable LGBTQ2  support, resource and advocacy organization - submitted a report to the Government of Ontario containing the results of its province-wide “Have Your Say” community consultation that launched in early November.

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Pflag Canada marks Transgender Day of Remembrance

OTTAWA, ON - November 20, 2018 — Pflag Canada, along with their chapters across Canada, are remembering victims of transphobic violence and advocating for the rights of transgender people on today’s Transgender Day of Remembrance.


According to a poll conducted by the Trans Pulse Project, Egale Canada, 87% of trans students in Canada reported feeling unsafe in places at school.

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Pflag Canada rebukes Ontario PCs new resolution

Yesterday, the Ontario PC Party passed a resolution to debate whether or not the party should recognize gender identity. It was originally believed that the vote would be adopted as party policy, but the PC Party has since clarified its position. The resolutions passed from the floor were passed only as debate items for next year’s convention. They were not passed as policy coming out of this convention.

Read Pflag Canada's response to the resolution here.

Pflag Canada Urges You to "Have Your Say" About Health & Physical Education Curriculum in Ontario

OTTAWA, ON - November 8, 2018 - Earlier this year, the Ontario Government rolled back the Health & Physical Education (Sex Ed) curriculum to 1998. This outdated curriculum leaves out several topics that are relevant and important to supporting our LGBTQ2 kids, their mental health and well-being, and their safety.

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ont_curriculum_PFLAG Canada

Pflag Canada Reacts to proposed changes to Ontario Sex Ed Curriculum

Pflag Canada advocates wherever possible for gender equality and diversity. On July 30, 2018, Pflag Canada President Bev Belanger, sent Ontario Premier Doug Ford a letter outlining our stance on the harms of backtracking on the curriculum.

You can find our letter as well as the Premier's response below.

Letter to Premier Doug Ford on behalf of PFLAG Canada. 

Response from Premier Doug Ford.