Shake up in the Board of Directors

Since our last newsletter, there have been quite a few additions to our board of directors.


Beverly Belanger has been named President of PFLAG Canada and Donny Potts has stepped into the role of Vice President. Bev and Donny have been longtime board members and their experience and passion will no doubt prove beneficial to the organization.


We have also added three brand new members to the board. Louis Duncan-He will step in as the Marketing Director. Louis is based out of Calgary and has been working hard to put together a new website for PFLAG Canada. Priya Paul has taken on the role of treasurer. Living in Toronto, she has a background in accounting and financial reporting and is excited to be the newest member to join the board. And Steven Keddy has taken on the role of Communications Director. Steven has a background in journalism, but has redirected his career to study Community Work in Toronto.